Raspberry preserves and honeycomb.

Hello new friend!
Name: Lucrecia
Prounouns: They/Them, but I do understand if people call me She/Her as I'm quite feminine.
Age: 26 (I struggle to connect to people my own age, due to autism and trauma. I think it's important to mention when someone wants to interact with me!)
Next con: LOLcon

Hobbies: Sewing, Embroidery, Reading, Writing (Fics, a novel and poetry!
Ask me about any of them!), Occult studies/Paganism/Witchcraft/Tarot etc, Herbal medicine, Singing, Dancing

Other interests: I love anything paranormal/supernatural! Horror films, Travel, BJDs, Tea time, Plushies, Anime cons, Black Veil Vampyre stuff and things, Lolita fashion

Fandoms: FFXIV,Resident evil, Silent hill, Animal crossing, Pokemon, Otome games in general, Mahou shoujo everything, 90s anime, Persona

Kin page
Comfort Characters/Fictional others/Comfy things: G'raha Tia, Moogles, Eevees.
I will sometimes discuss mental illness related things online, generally ED or cluster A related, I don't discuss system things outside of therapy though.